Competitive Analysis

Competitive Website Analysis

Want to know what your competition is doing and how they are ranking compared to you?

This is the service that will give your business an edge. We can be your trusted partners and "spy" the others for your benefit. This is what you will get from it:

Competitive Analysis
  • You will finally know why your competitors' websites are showing up higher in Google or other search engine results, why they are ranking better.
  • You will find out the keywords that they employ and which make them more successful.
  • You will know how much traffic they get and why.
  • You will find out how many customers they have on a monthly basis.
  • You will know exactly what leads to the results these competitors have.

We provide you with a complete competitor website analysis so you can know where they're standing, what they're doing and how they are doing it. What we will uncover for you might surprise you.

Sure, you may use their website domain name with a free analysis tool on the web, but you will never be provided with as many important details. You will never have access to hidden information unless you hire professionals to investigate each case for you. Note that there is no illegal tactic behind this, so put your worries aside. Besides, we provide you with interpretation of the data we found. We don't just obtain the information, but use it to draw conclusions.

Your company will have a great advantage on its market if it relies on e-commerce. Glorywebs helps you establish a leadership position with the newly gained knowledge.

Through analyzing your competitors' websites, we will also uncover their weak spots. This will lead to identifying your own website's weaknesses. From there, you may proceed to fixing those issues and we are here to help with that. Your online strategy can be greatly improved as a consequence. Let's focus then on the areas that call for improvement and your business will rise above those of your competitors.

SEO Competitor Analysis

  • At Glorywebs we manually research every aspect that matters, instead of doing this automatically.
  • We identify the site areas to focus on, for a superior performance.
  • We base our work on human intelligence and effort and thus we have more discernment in distinguishing the good parts from the bad ones.
  • You won't just get a report. Our staff will provide you with the recommendations that will lead to a traffic increase to your website.
  • The service will include a focus on factors like keywords, titles, website structure and usability, layout, content, relevance, backlinks, performance and more.

Our SEO competitor analysis service is of a superior kind and is dedicated to businesses which aim to become highly competitive and know their niche well. It provides them with an advantage that helps them climb more steps and be more competitive within their industry or on the local market, depending on the area of interest.

Competitor Traffic Analysis

If you want your own SEO strategies to accomplish much, then you will have to understand what exactly your competitors are doing. Our in-depth analysis is like a SEO X-ray. We will show you why the others are getting more traffic than you, so you can implement more effective strategies and attract that traffic your way. For this reason, we have created the special competitor traffic analysis service.

We will be following the other competitive businesses across the channels they use, to get the full picture. What used to be extremely complicated is made easy through our tactics. From here on, you will know exactly what's to be done to get into the arena as a very strong competitor.


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