Web Development

Web Development

Is your site build on the WordPress platform? Does it already have an installed theme or you are planning to get one? Because we have WordPress experts, we can assist you with the whole process.

To make everything sink in perfectly, you need to adjust the theme accordingly. However, code knowledge is required. We can do your theme design customization or alter the code as needed. Our expertise in WordPress ensures seamless adjustments and flawless compatibility with the initial grid of your site. You can have all your original ideas reflected in the theme, also with the benefits of hiring a professional service. Moreover, your theme will become 'all-inclusive'. This counts especially to the one who is managing the site.

Needing your theme to be responsive? We will take every measure to make it work across the many platforms in use today and keep it flexible. Let us know all the details you have in mind regarding this, so that the solution we tailor is reflective to your business uniqueness. No project has to fall into the mainstream. Even if it's a complex work, don't worry. It will be broken down into manageable pieces and synced with the client's expectations.

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We Provide Solutions with Professional Results to Suit Your Budget

Because design is one of our big passions here at Glorywebs, we have also specialized in each of the major blogging platforms out there, WordPress being the leading one due to its features and reliability. We commit to making the most out of each WordPress project, as we are familiar with all the features of the platform, uses, and novelties and so on. It can be tailored to match any type of display. It can be turned into an image gallery or a web store.

WordPress customization is a job apart – it is not like your usual web design. The solutions have to be compatible with the structure and the rules of the platform. It conditions every site that is built on it. Does your project involve some of the critical aspects? We can work with existing code or create new code to fulfill your expectations. This is not just about altering the visuals in a theme. It is also about adding new functions or modifying existing ones.

Web Development

Here is a better view over the main works we do:

  • WP Installation
  • Theme Settings
  • Theme Customization
  • Plugin Configuration and Installation
  • Analytics – Traffic Tracking Services
  • WP Hosting – Choosing and Setting Up The Most Convenient Host
  • Web Marketing (Social Marketing, PPC, Google Adwords Campaigns)
  • SEO Optimization
  • Migration to WP From Drupal, Joomla or Other Platform.

WP is truly our favorite tool. One can do so much with it. We help you harness its power and achieve success through the world's most popular platform.

Our job will be complete when you are pleased with how your WordPress site looks and works.

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