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App Store Optimization / Play Store Optimization Services

More than 60% of users find apps in the app store by using its search function. However, any person is likely to only pay attention to some of the apps that show up at the top of the results list. In the light of this fact, you need to make sure that your application is noticed and downloaded.

Keyword Creation and Optimization

At Glorywebs , App store optimization goes beyond the usual techniques. We don't just show the world how great and unique your app is. We work in depth, on the aspects that are not visible, but which make a difference. This is why you need our optimization services, which include the much coveted IOS App Store optimization.

Along with Play store optimization, we cover the entire spectrum and give our clients wonderful opportunities to earn more customers effortlessly. The better the optimization technique, the more people will see the app and be inspired to download it.

Application Title Optimization

It is like SEO, only for app stores.

  • Want to know the progress it makes?
  • We track your app in the store and verify its ranking for each of the keywords chosen to represent it.
  • Thus, we always know how well it goes and where we stand.

We identify the right keywords to employ and then track the progress with these. This part of our work is essential, because the results will tell how well each keyword is doing and whether anything needs to be improved or not. This is what is going to increase the download rate of your app – the improvements we constantly strive to make, until everything is at the best level possible.

  • Glorywebs researches the most suitable keywords in the App Store
  • We optimize the title, as well as the description
  • We select the right category for your product
  • We cater to the reviews and ratings (more on this below)
  • We report about your app rankings within the store

Whichever app store you decide to use, you will find your product competing with millions of other apps. The title has a huge role in this situation. We work on what is behind every app and connect it with the most relevant and important keywords, but we also pay attention to its actual title.

We get you past the biggest issue in mobile application promotion: that of making it visible and stand out in the crowd. Besides doing app store optimization and keyword research, our team also employs a remarkable method – that of title improvement. There is some impressive potential in this.

Users don't just look at the icon, but especially at the title of an app. Thus, it needs to be short and catchy, it has to entice them in some way. The titles we create get more clients because we incorporate the needs, desires and expectations of the prospects into these titles. They will know what it is about before they read the description. Remember that today's users are all about speed and they won't be willing to waste time when the title doesn't send them a good enough message.

User Review and Ratings

Following these optimizations, the incoming traffic will get you more user reviews and ratings for your app. These testimonials will be convincing to any new prospects browsing the app store. Should you wish to know more about how to obtain positive reviews from user and allow these to boost your business, contact us and we will explain our strategy to you.


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