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Our eCommerce SEO company has dedicated staff to cater to your web store. We understand your primary needs: to be found in search results, to get traffic and to sell. The goals are simple, but it's not so easy to reach them – not until you've hired specialists to make the needed improvements

Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization Services

Glorywebs is the best company you can hire because it can set you apart from the competition through highly effective methods. First of all, we have staff that knows everything about eCommerce solutions, from the ground level of building an online store. They can expand its functionality through various added modules and optimize it on specific keywords, so that you get more of the relevant traffic to your store.

Our well-trained SEO experts join their forces with the eCommerce department to provide you with a fresh, efficient and legitimate solution. We do not employ any black hat techniques. The eCommerce SEO services that we offer are fairly priced and suitable to businesses of any size. Thus, you will benefit of:

Ecommerse SEO Services

Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization

  • An affordable solution
  • A strategy that is tailored to the size and scope of your business
  • An approach that is accepted by search engines
  • On-page optimization
  • Link building
  • Competition research
  • Store visibility to a target audience, etc

Our on-page optimizations cater not only to every page, but also to each product in your store. We even improve your website structure, if needed. As we go in depth, we find the sections that require changing and also make navigation easier. This is because we don't just focus on your business and what it sells, but also on your customers' expectations. We improve everything with their needs in mind.

As the best eCommerce SEO company, we bring motivated consumers your way, showcasing the quality of your brand. They will be pleased to find a high-quality store with relevant listings and easy-to-use features. The visitors won't be just "window shopping", but actually buying from you.

Our SEO experts are qualified to work with every platform:

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Yahoo! Stores
  • BigCommerce, etc
  • Glorywebs performs off-page optimization through smart link building – we focus on quality instead of quantity, providing real value that improves the visibility and ranking of your web store.
  • We take time to research your industry and find key competitors, as well as important, authoritative directories and more, then use these for link building.
  • We create and market great content made especially for your business. This will prove that your brand is valuable and will build its authority. In turn, others will be interested in linking to you. Or, linking back will become extremely easy.
  • Your products and offers will be shared on social media, to influence prospective buyers and gather a larger following. At the same time, your reputation will become stronger and sales will increase.

Off-Page Optimization for Ecommerce

How do people find your store online? How do they turn into customers? How manageable and friendly do they find it to be?

Comprehensive Reporting

Any client of our company is entitled to knowing how their web store performs. This is why we monitor it and research every factor involved. This is vital in understanding the outcome and eventually improving it.

Our comprehensive reporting includes:

  • Keyword reports – the search rankings are being updated daily on each of the chosen keywords.
  • Link building reports – showing each link that has been acquired.
  • Integrated analytics – access to Google Analytics for viewing the success level of the implemented campaign.

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