Prestashop Development

Prestashop Development

PrestaShop is a service for merchants. It is the simple, more accessible solution for online vendors. The skills of our team also cover eCommerce development through PrestaShop. In this highly customizable medium, we can build a suitable structure for your e-business. For those who are not familiar with it yet, PrestaShop is software that allows one to launch their business online for free and quickly.

Our PrestaShop developing team offers support to any client dealing or willing to deal with the platform, designing it from the basic level or optimizing an existing PrestaShop site, to improve its looks, functions, storage capabilities and speed.

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We Provide Solutions with Professional Results to Suit Your Budget

There are three ways in which we can customize PrestaShop:

  • Modules
  • Themes
  • Overriding

PrestaShop offers a foundation upon which we can build easily. We can thus add third-party modules to this base, according to the result desired by our clients. We can develop an additional module, so that you won't have to accept one of the default ones. Users often choose to buy modules online, but this is a risky move. We will build error-free ones, so you won't have to worry about any compatibility issues. Through professional PHP use and Object-Oriented Programming, we don't only build your own additional module, but connect PrestaShop with other systems that will be in use, like payment platforms, logistics, buying guides, or any other eCommerce service.

Custom-made object oriented coding has a unique series of advantages. A well-made architecture can extend the primary functions of the software or replace them. Our experts in the house take full advantage of the software's flexibility. When we override with our own coding, we don't touch the core code. We will get PrestaShop to have that behavior you want it to have. The solutions are suitable to small, but also to medium companies

To have a full grasp of what we can do for you here, see below what our service is comprised of.
Glorywebs ensures PrestaShop

  • Customization
  • Module Installation
  • Theme Design
  • Online Store Development
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Template Creation and Integration
  • Payment System Integration
  • eCommerce Solutions and SEO
  • Maintenance

Our shopping cart solutions are effective, so users can store and handle a multitude of products. The shopping environment is changed to become a dynamic one. PrestaShop has the advantage of being easier to edit once set up and fully designed. However, there's is much work to do until it reaches that point. Customizing all its elements or overriding code is a daunting task for novice users. This is why PrestaShop could not be accessed by everyone. We do more than offering you support in the case you already have PrestaShop installed; we take it from ground; level, so you can enjoy all its benefits.

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