Best WordPress Plugins List to Boost Your Website Performance in 2017

by Anil Parmar

Want to start your own blog, or website, or even looking for an existing website revamp?

The WordPress plugins provide to enhance your website design, adapt powerful features and flexibility to customize as per your ever-growing business needs.

WordPress Plugin Directory provides all in one feature for sharing posts, building pages without coding, and enhance your search engine optimization too

WordPress Plugins taking your website to new heights

Since 2003, it has been considered as the most popular Content Management System that has emerged as a largest website building platform that covers 27.5% of the top ten million websites as of February 2017.

Very popular and famous artist like Katy Perry and well-known companies like eBay, Sony Music, and MTV News use WordPress to reach their audience online.

What can be the top 20 WordPress Plugins for your website?

  1. Yoast SEO

Active installs: 3+ million

Ratings: 5

Subscription model and target audience: This is an open source plugin so it is available for free like other WordPress plugins in the directory. As the name itself says, it improves the SEO aspects of the website in all manner.

For example, if you have the long Meta tags in your posts it can help you to enhance your website visibility in SERPs (search engine ranking pages).

How does Yoast SEO help you?

Yoast SEO has emerged as an indispensable tool for modern writing. It offers services to stay competitive among others over online multiple search engines. Yoast SEO analyses the content using two parameters SEO and Readability.

For example, the plugin will let you know about the density of the keyword compared to rest of the text and subtitles. This way you can optimize your website for better results with time.


Why Yoast SEO?

  • It has an excellent XML sitemap functionality that builds a sitemap
  • Yoast comes with features that will allow you to choose which page and post to come at the index of Google’s page
  • The Yoast SEO plugin understands the importance of social media platforms hence integration services like Facebook and OpenGraph
  • The plugin has the functionality of being fully multi-site compatible
  1. Wordfence Security

Active installs: 2+ million

Ratings: 5

Subscription model and target audience: Another Open source software that is 100% free and the most popular security plugin available in WordPress Plugin Directory. We can say that it is mandatory for every site to have its own security solutions for which Wordfence is the best option. Wordfence is the most popular and most downloaded security plugin.

For example, it provides a sign-in verification code functionality over your phone that prevents from hacking other illegal threats over websites.

How does Wordfence Security help you?

It is multi-site compatible and highly defensive for security purpose. Through its constant Firewall support features, it restricts the hackers to over malicious scams. The plugin has the real time traffic updates to protect your websites from the hackers.

For example, Government agencies and public sector organizations using ‘Two Factor Authentication Service’ that is Sign-in using your password and mobile phone.


Why Wordfence Security?

  • It has real time blocking facility for attackers that perform malicious activity over sites
  • It has a cool feature of Email Alerts that are for ‘Alerts on Critical problem’, ‘Alert on warning’, and ‘Alert when sign in’
  • It comes with some of the paid features such as:
    • Country blocking
    • Remote scanning
    • Scheduling scans
  • It owes a Wordfence scanner that scans all the malicious files and code
  1. WordPress Page Builder

Active installs: 300,000+

Ratings: 5

Subscription model and target audience: This is an open source software which turns out to be the best option for the site owners who have average programming knowledge. As it is simple to run and activate, one can easily manage the website. It is the most popular drag and drop builder which is compatible with almost all the WordPress themes.

For example, a person feels to make his/her own Content Management System using WordPress, this plugin is the best one for non-coders.

How does WordPress Page Builder help you?

The plugin comes with time-saving features which make your dream website come to reality. Marketers now don’t need to depend on developers to change their image and content.

This plugin has a drag and drops functionality that sounds very cool for all the marketers who can relax and manage their WordPress site easily without technical assistance.

For example, what if a site owner has to hire a developer just for the sake of updates to his content pages? Sounds really expensive, right? This plugin makes it easy for the content editors to manage the site using different add-on features and accommodate new content to their layout pages.


Why WordPress Page Builder?

  • You can simply take control of the structural and layout of the pages including animations and parallax without a single line code
  • The breakdown of this plugin lets you manage your WordPress site without development staff
  • It enables you to add your own CSS classes, HTML, photo and video background
  • Above all, it is very lightweight to use and provides responsive layout features
  1. Easy Social Sharing

Active installs: 2,000+

Ratings: 5

Subscription model and target audience: This is the most beneficiary plugin that is available 100% free to WordPress website owners. To reach the number of target customers or readers via social media platforms, this plugin is considered to be your best choice.

For example, this plugin is a boon to publishing sites and new business sites who need to expand their product/service visibility across various social platforms.

How does Easy Social Sharing help you?

This plugin offers remarkable benefits that completely fulfill our needs of traffic growth sharing across popular social media platforms. It comes with the complete package of share buttons, various designs, custom layouts and colors.

For example, if the website owner is looking forward to demonstrating its services and promoting products, this plugin is very helpful. One can also adopt affiliate marketing promoting their products in popular marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.


Why Easy Social Sharing?

  • It has a package of 18 popular social sharing buttons for publishing across social media platforms
  • It has caching functionality to reduce website load time
  • The most important feature is Social Share count that gives the number of shares to increase networking among right audience
  • It possess streamlined responsive designs and custom layouts
  1. WooCommerce

Active installs: 3+ million

Ratings: 4.5

Subscription model and target audience: Open source software that provides the best solution for the e-commerce businesses and online stores. This plugin helps in marketing strategy where one can earn through promoting products across different marketplaces.

For example, you can promote various physical and digital goods via online shopping site like Amazon and engage many customers to your site.

How does WooCommerce help you?

It is very professional and customizable plugin that has a variety of themes including color variety. This plugin is highly secure as it undergoes regular updates so that the bugs are weeded out.

So, if you are planning to build an e-commerce site- WooCommerce is the best choice as it offers flexibility in making improvements to the site.

For example, there is a need to change the pricing of your products across multiple marketplaces individually, as you can easily manage those changes through your WordPress site.


Why WooCommerce?

  • It is highly secure with coding standards and up-to date
  • The plugin has good flexibility over making desirable changes and improvements in the site
  • It enables stock level tracking and Geolocation
  • WooCommerce comes with open source code database that attracts a large community of store owners
  1. Contact Form 7

Active installs: 3+ million

Ratings: 4.5

Subscription model and target audience: Open source software helps a site owner to make effective contact forms for their visitors. Any blog or website is incomplete without its contact page. It is basically for the site viewers and readers who feel to contact you. This is easy to activate and copy paste kind of plugin.

For example, if you looking to extract unique details from your website visitors – Contact Form 7 plugin provides customized fields which you can add on your own.

How does Contact form 7 help you?

This plugin helps your readers reach your website via email or phone number. For this, you need to make a contact form with different fields containing the sender information. It is very much common to have a contact form on different sites.

For example, if your business sells a service or product your customers can use this to inquire more information.


Why Contact Form 7?

  • The most promising feature in Contact Form 7 plugins is spam prevention and protection
  • It has customized form formats for various purpose such as feedback, FAQ and information request
  • It uses CAPTCHA for the automatic Bot prevention, that reduces spam volumes
  • This plugin provides the custom fields functionality where you can retrieve the information of clients like contact number, and email-id too.
  1. The Events Calendar

Active installs: 500,000+

Ratings: 4.5

Subscription model and target audience: It is an open source software that provides the best solution for management of events. This plugin comes with a load of dynamic features and add on features that are out of the box.

For example, a number of eateries, small businesses, and various venues promote their event using The Events Calendar.

How does The Events Calendar help you?

The Event Calendar works for making the events in a short span of time that matches our need. It helps in building your brand recognition and engaging a large community of people to know the events accomplished by the particular website.

For example, nonprofit organizations and small business owners can generate event providing the date, time and location information of the event.


Why The Events Calendar?

  • It is very responsive from mobile to tablet to desktop making it easily accessible
  • By upgrading to the Pro version you can be benefitted with various features such as handling recurring events, short codes and location search
  • It improvises the SEO services with micro formats.
  • It holds a package of different functions such as Google maps, Event Search, Day & List view, Responsive templates for customization
  1. Slider by Soliloquy

Active installs: 80,000+

Ratings: 4.5

Subscription model and target audience: This is the most responsive image slider that comes 100% free for all. It is mainly for the group of people who would like to save on the cost of hiring a designer/developer. This plugin has contributed a lot to the WordPress site to provide the absolute WordPress slider in a couple of minutes.

For example, it works out of the box to build an easy user interface and customize everything with hook and filters.

How does Slider by Soliloquy help you?

The most powerful WordPress plugin to create dynamic sliders based on your website content. Soliloquy comes with dynamic sliders add-ons such as an Instagram slider, Lightbox slider, PDF slider and much more.

This plugin is designed to meet quality web standards and help you rank higher in search results. One can easily drag and drop slides to their website- yes, it is also the fastest WordPress slider in the market.

For example, you can create sliders for posts, pages and any other custom post type on your website.


Why Slider by Soliloquy?

  • It is highly featured to enhance the web and server performance because speed is the must have factor
  • It is the most popular demanded image and video slider plugin within minutes
  • Soliloquy is 2x faster than his competitor plugins
  • One of the most common yet desirable features is mobile friendly and SEO optimized for enhancing UX
  1. All in One Rich Snippets

Active installs: 60,000+

Ratings: 4.5

Subscription model and target audience: One of the open source software that comes 100% free of cost to the community of WordPress plugins. A feature that comprises of every minute detail a user looks out for is called a Rich Snippet. It is for the purpose of keeping a short description about the content of your pages.

For example, if one desires to feed the summary of his WordPress site on the search results of Google. Bing, Yahoo and Facebook he can use this plugin.

How does All in One Rich Snippets help you?

It basically provides the short description in a structured format of author image, star ratings of the site. It supports all the schema types such as video, software application, images, events, and review. It serves out of the box by being responsive and interactive in its application.

For example, Rich Snippet allows Facebook to display proper information when users share the links to your content on Facebook or so.


Why All in One Rich Snippet?

  • As the name defines, this plugin is used to add snippets types with any post or page with ease
  • This plugin helps in the site optimization and increase the search result rankings
  • It allows putting the detailed description of the content that helps users make the right decisions
  • The site can get high rankings over SERPs by defining a perfect Rich Snippet
  1. Quick and Easy FAQ’s

Active installs: 4000+

Ratings: 4.5

Subscription model and target audience: It is an open source software plugin which is available 100% free. As the name suggests, it has different filtration options for custom FAQ’s. This plugin is useful for the customers to come up with their questions and views regarding the product or services.

For example, any business site offers self-support assistance about their products or ask questions using the FAQ section in the WordPress site.

How does Quick and Easy FAQ’s help you?

Having FAQ page saves the time of help support team where they can directly answer their customers with instant information about use and details of the products. It helps improve your site SEO, in case if a user tends to search while experiencing the problem.

For example, if a person is running an e-commerce site than it is common for the customers having common questions for shipping, returns and product FAQ’s. This way save costs you behind your customer support team and allow them to make decision on-the-go improving conversions for your website.


Why Quick and Easy FAQ’s?

  • You can display FAQ in customized styling such as simple list, filterable toggle and so on
  • This plugin is easy to use and add FAQ section to your WordPress site using short codes
  • It allows you create question and answers of custom post types and show them in drop down box
  • It has the settings page where one can make changes in the background and colors
  1. Jetpack by

Active installs: 3+ million

Ratings: 4

Subscription model and target audience: It is 100% free plugin that provides all in one package features for your website security and performance, both. This plugin is most useful for content publishers and even growing business owners.

It increases the engagement of users visiting the sites. Whereas, it has some of the advanced paid plans featuring premium themes, daily backups, and SEO tools.

For example, the publishing sites can manage their content by using this plugin that has security, sharing and site analytics.

How does Jetpack by help you?

Jetpack has some of the paid features that include site backups and restores, high definition video hosting and migration of sites. It also has malware scanning services in order to provide threat solution.

Being a multi-tasking plugin, it provides advertising functionality too.

For example, if anyone is planning to use the WordPress-powered site then he should definitely go for Jetpack which works as a single tool to enhance design themes, traffic growth, and spam protection.


Why Jetpack by

  • It customizes your site with rich content and image tools provided for the purpose
  • No other plugins provide such high-security functionality than Jetpack
  • The most challenging property of this plugin is its automatic social sharing and faster loading of related content
  • It serves as a single tool with affordable plans that ensure analytics, sharing, raising viewers and threat security against brute attacks
  1. Redirection

Active installs: 700,000+

Ratings: 4

Subscription model and target audience: This is an open source software plugin. Its main role is to handle the broken links and manage the site in case of migration from old site to a new URL of the WordPress website.

For example, if the site has the updated link of the image content, it automatically manages the 301 redirections.

How does Redirection help you?

Looking to manage your broken links? This can be a reliable plugin for you to redirect your site and manage your website URL links. This plugin is multi-lingual as it has a number of redirection options to various languages.

It keeps a track on 404 page not found errors to map the site at a valid URL. It ties up the broken ends and links of the site managing uniformity in the content allocation.

For example, if you are changing the folder location of your WordPress site or redirecting to a new URL, this plugin is beneficial to manage 301 redirections.


Why Redirection?

  • It comes with the most uncommon feature of 301 redirections which is must have for any content editor or site manager
  • It is very robust for the future changes like adding changes, migration, and upgrades
  • No restarts necessary to new redirection. Although we can choose from 301 type that is ‘Moved Permanently’ to 302 type ‘Found’
  • It logs the 404 errors and help to provide the manual set-up for redirect to change post Permalink
  1. Testimonials Plugins

Active installs: 40,000+

Ratings: 4

Subscription model and target audience: This plugin is available for free and so we can say that it is an open source software plugin. It is very easy to use plugin where a user can add testimonials in the post.

For example, if you use testimonials on your website it will promote your product in a convincing fashion. Above that, it establishes credibility that attracts right people for our services and products.

How does Testimonials plugin help you?

We can add a random testimonial to the sidebar, widgets, and pages. This enhances the user experience and helps to gain trust to use your service and products.

It controls the display of Testimonials over a page. Moreover, it is also very much beneficial for the developers as it comes with the custom CSS box.

For example, you can customize the HTML of your Testimonials or adding images can increase the visibility of your website.


Why Testimonials plugins?

  • This plugin is simple and easy to configure though deeply customizable
  • Users can submit their testimonials via a front-end short code or widget
  • If the user upgrades to the Easy Testimonials Pro version then it can facilitate the CAPTCHA and RECAPTCHA for spam protection of Testimonials.
  • It is a great tool to increase the conversion rates of the websites and improve business.
  1. Addons for Visual composer

Active installs: 20,000+

Ratings: 4

Subscription model and target audience: This is an open source software plugin that is 100% free. It also has some premium features that can be available by easy drag and drop into your page, activating the plugin.

For example, the plugin mainly targets the professional site builders who need multiple widgets such as team profiles, client list, services, various tabs, bar charts and so on.

How does Addons for Visual Composer help you?

For that site whose owners are never behind the coding, Visual Composer is the one for you! You can create the site of your imagination and innovation which can be managed easily.
The main benefit of Visual Composer is that it allows you to make structural and layout changes without heavy knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Do you want to see your brand presence come to life online? Consider Visual Composer resulting in a unique website.

For example, consider there are 3 blogs posted on the home page and if a person wants to add another post to it, he can easily add the post by including the post element feature without writing a single line code.


Why Addons for Visual Composer?

  • It has turned as the best back-end editor for the business websites.
  • It comprises of page builder which is compatible with all WordPress themes
  • It has number of templates that can be downloaded from the templates library
  • You can get the true experience of inline front end editor
  1. Path for Revolution Slider

Active installs: 10,000+

Ratings: 4

Subscription model and target audience: It is an open source software that is available free. This plugin focuses on the users who are looking to make their site well-managed. It displays your content of related post where we can use the slider to view the content in a proper manner.

For example, if you are starting with your own WordPress site for various purposes like business or publishing, it will serve you beautifully displaying your content.

How does Path for Revolution Slider help you?

The Path for Slider Revolution works for you by providing sliding functionality to your content. This makes it as an innovative plugin that serves your site in a beautiful manner. It has emerged as a most powerful tool for adding creativity to your sites.

For example, to improve the look and feel of the site of 404 error, we can use the different slider templates that enhance the creative possibilities.


Why Path for Revolution Slider?

  • Most of the templates come with the assets of images and videos that make it remarkable
  • The most important feature is that it makes your site really presenting
  • You can add unlimited slides, animated creations and beautiful content for an easy user interface
  • It provides simple web solutions through premium slider bearing latest add-ons.
  1. AMP

Active installs: 200,000+

Ratings: 3.5

Subscription model and target audience: As it is open source coding standard software you can activate on your site for free. This plugin targets the mobile user and helps to improvise the mobile browsing experience reducing the load time.

For example, all the sites producing contents will be benefited. The plugin boost the speed so that the content of the post loads faster enough helping all the publishing sites.

How does AMP help you?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages that increase the visibility for the publishers. Usually, mobile users abandon the website if it takes longer than 3 seconds, so business that adopts AMP can save users preventing abandonment.

For example, a shopping site that is making regular updates of their product information level and new product arrival need AMP plugins for providing faster mobile browsing acceleration.


Why AMP?

  • It helps in optimizing the post content that loads immediately
  • It enhances the user experience for speedy mobile browsing
  • Basically, when you are putting AMP to standardize your responsive pages, you are having share ability and readability at the top priority.
  • AMP has two label benefits that are- ‘Fast’ and ‘High Ranking Factor’
  1. Bookly

Active installs: 10,000+

Ratings: 3.5

Subscription model and target audience: This plugin is absolutely free and is an open source initiative that provides booking tool. It facilitates the reservation of the interested customers over websites.

For example, the website owner creates events or consultation for which the customer has the booking facility by this plugin.

How does Bookly help you?

This plugin provides booking service to site owners who provide information or arrange events for customers on request. Using this plugin, you can customize the appearance settings and manage customer list.

For example, the site owner can manage the appointment lists of his customers and can even export them to Comma-Separated Value (CSV) files.


Why Bookly?

  • It has multi-language support feature
  • Managing appointments of customers depending on various criteria such as time, name, service, duration and price
  • This plugin also has useful features of importing customer list with a user-friendly front end interface
  • The full version comprises of Google Calendar integration and the PayPal Payment options.
  1. YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons

Active installs: 2000+

Ratings: 3.5

Subscription model and target audience: This an opens source software which is available free of cost. It is a user-friendly plugin which is easy to use. It targets the user to enter various choice out of the number of options.

For example, there is a shopping site and the user is sorting the outfit according to brands, price, size, and color, the plugin offers the various checkboxes to make the selection of choice.

How does YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons help you?

The plugin helps to manage the customers over websites to stay dedicated by decreasing the time spent on the additional options of the product. So, we can give a definite product range for the chosen product. This helps you to reach the customer satisfaction level and increasing sales for your products online.

For example, a person searching for the wedding ring will have various parameters of choice like weight, size and design for which the plugins offer custom products exactly based on their needs.


Why YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons?

  • This plugin is very unique in terms of customer support and services
  • It has the various dropdown and selection functionality for the custom products making selection easy and cut off additional time
  • Increasing sales by fixed price range for the customer choice product
  • This plugin helps in increasing the customer inclination by spending more on the sites
  1. Disqus Comment System

Active installs: 200,000+

Ratings: 3

Subscription model and target audience: Being an open source software plugin it comes 100% free to you. This plugin is by the team ‘Disqus’ which is the most powerful system accepted by millions of publishers. It provides every authentication API such as Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, and Google.

For example, if you run a business blog then engaging customers play a vital role in improving credibility by comment interaction or social sharing.

How does Disqus Comment System help you?

The system has an automatic sync functionality in case of switching platforms that load all the comments. It monetizes the content on the blog resulting in revenue growth. It has very mobile responsive designs with flexible login options. It gives email notification for new comments posted on the site.

For example, one can enjoy real time comment system by uploading various photo or videos increasing interaction among readers or bloggers.


Why Disqus Comment System help you?

  • It provides social media integration that lets the user sign in through social networking profiles
  • Anti-spam technology with varying effectiveness
  • It serves as a notification tool for commentator and administrators
  • It has threaded comment sections so it is easier to follow different conversations
  1. Client Dash-Backup Buddy

Active installs: 400+

Ratings: 3

Subscription model and target audience: It is an open source software plugin available free to the users. The plugin provides the exact customization of users’ interest.

For example, you can allow users to create and download backups from the client dashboard help screen.

How does Client Dash-Backup Buddy help you?

As the name itself suggest, the plugin provides the backup functionality to the users. Clients can undergo full backup and restoration of their WordPress site.
Imagine that your blog is hacked; it may take hours to recover your database and backup your WordPress history.

For example, if your blog page is hacked and you are willing to recover your database, backup buddy is here to help you in all ways. It doesn’t backup your database, but your entire blog which means wp-content, wp-admin files, images, databases, each and everything in your root folder.


Why Client Dash-Backup Buddy?

  • It is a must have tool to back up your entire blog when corrupted
  • It is the plugin which is very remarkable to switch and enable safe migration
  • It takes the control of your WordPress dashboard that is admin area.
  • It serves as the best user experience featuring simple yet powerful solutions for blog backup and recovery of the database.

What are the steps to install your favorite WordPress Plugins?

  1. Go to the WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins>>Add New
  2. Use the direct plugin search to install the plugins from WordPress directory.
  3. Pick the plugin of your best choice and click on “Install Now”.
  4. WordPress will install the plugins successfully.
  5. After installation, click on the link ‘Activate Plugins’.
  6. The last step is to configure settings according to plugins.
  7. You are finished with the installation process.

Closing note

Plugins are the extension to your WordPress providing multiple core functionality creating endless possibilities. They are shortcodes that use different filters, custom layouts, designs and in built configurations for a better UX.

Additionally, working with a WordPress Development Company can help keep you updated with the latest plugins that can be used to optimize your WordPress website for better results with time.



  • Marry R. Olson

    Thanks for sharing.
    I just want to suggest you one more plugin which is essential for WordPress site security. I’m using User Activity Log Pro WordPress plugin for monitoring and tracking all the activities of my users from admin side. It provides a very easy user interface to manage my site’s user roles and informs me about WordPress core updates, post updates, user activities etc. It notified when a particular user is logged in.

    • Anil Parmar

      Hi Mary,

      Thank you for suggesting the new plugin.

      This plugin sounds interesting. I’ll definitely give it a shot to see how it works.