Why You Need a CDN For Your WordPress Blog

by Anil Parmar

Those days are gone when people used to wait patiently for the post cards sent by their loved ones. Today, everyone expects things to happen as soon as possible (ASAP!). Whether it’s food on your table or a website on the screen; time is money, my friend!

More than half of the webs surfers expect a website to pop up within 2 seconds. And if it doesn’t happen within 3 seconds, at max, they will ditch your website. There is no room for mercy! But yes, you do have a second chance. Content Delivery Network (CDN) can save you from sluggish loading speeds. We will talk about this later in this article.

Consider Facebook, the world’s largest online social network. If you check the website loading speed using Pingdom Speed Test Tool, you will notice that it loads in 1.36 seconds. Not only this, there are 17% websites that load faster than Facebook. And guess what, they are doing extremely well because they are delivering amazing user experience.

Use this speed test tool to check out the loading time for your website. If it’s too slow, or even slower than a snail, you can enhance it with the assistance of CDN. To reduce loading time and to deliver instant results to your visitors, we recommend using a CDN.

What is a CDN?

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of servers located at different geographic locations around the globe. Whenever a visitor visits your website, the nearest server displays the website instantly on the screen. Does this mean CDN is used as a web hosting service? No. It doesn’t host your website but it helps in diminishing the loading time of the website.

You look confused, is that so? Well, we will clarify your doubts. Keep reading to know more.

How does it work?

You have hosted your website with a secure and a reliable web hosting provider, such as Siteground or Bluehost. Now, whoever visits your website, the requests are generated and the files are transferred from the hosting servers.

Now assume the hosting server, where your website is hosted, is located in Dallas, Texas and the visitor is from India. The request is generated from India and the server in Dallas will process it. The process will take a considerable amount of time to complete. Hence, the site loading speed will be slow.

Here, CDN comes to your rescue. As stated earlier, CDN is a network of servers. The service provider maintains servers in different parts of the world. When you activate CDN services for your WordPress blog, the static files are stored in each of these servers.

So if a copy of static files is stored in servers located in India, the website will load instantly on the visitor’s screen. Thus, it reduces the website loading time. Now, what are static files?

The static files are those files that do not change. These include images, videos, stylesheets, javascript files, etc. The remaining dynamic content is stored in the web hosting server. So, when a visitor sends requests to the hosting server, the CDN redirects the requests to the nearest server to the visitor.

Top Reasons to Use CDN for WordPress Blog

  1. Lightning Fast Speeds

The main motive of deploying CDN is blazing fast speeds. Your website is aimed at catering the global audience but it is not able to deliver globally. This will result in a loss of sales, negative impact of your brand, wastage of time, and much more. What’s the point of developing a website having amazing content when you are not able to reach your audience?

This is why a reliable CDN service is recommended to boost your website loading speeds. Choose a service provider that has a global presence. This way, your visitor can access your website within 2 or 3 seconds, provided your website is well-optimized.

  1. SEO Boost

What’s the relation between CDN and SEO? This question may perplex you but deploying a CDN can enhance your SEO efforts. As you know that website is a search engine ranking factor, optimizing site speed can boost your website’s SEO.

If your website loads slowly, the visitor will not care to look at it. But if it opens instantly, it can grab the attention of the user. This will, in turn, increase the retention rate on your website. The search engines will consider this as a positive signal, and hence, your website will rank better than your competitor’s.

  1. Enhanced User Experience

A visitor, or a user, is your client. You should be prepared to give your best to the client. Otherwise, your client will look for other feasible alternatives. The same is true with the website speeds as well. When your website loads at a slow speed, it creates a negative impact on the visitor. The visitor feels dissatisfied and leaves. This can be a grave loss for your business.

  1. Catering to Global Audience

As internet access increases exponentially, the dependency of the people is also increasing. A business person in China may aim at attracting clients in the USA. For this, the business person builds a website with hosting services in China. And to cater clients in the USA, the fellow can use CDN services that have servers in the USA.

For example, CloudFlare aims at delivering fast and reliable services to its users. Also, it is targeting at developing economies such as China and India.

  1. Prevents Server Crash

You made a website about the latest YouTube sensation, Despacito. You did a great job by marketing your content on social media. This resulted in a sudden traffic spike. Your shared hosting server could not bear the sudden load, and unfortunately, your website crashed. You lost all the visitors and a chance to rank your blog.

In this case, deploying a CDN works wonders. As the HTTP requests will be transmitted to the servers on the CDN, the original web hosting server will not bear the entire load. Hence, it will prevent the website crash.

  1. Cost Savings

Most of the well-established businesses consider establishing their own servers or data centers at crucial locations around the globe. This is also a feasible option but not a wise one. You will be wasting your time and energy without attaining valuable gains.

Using a reliable CDN service is recommended in this case. First of all, you don’t need to deal with the technicalities and secondly, you don’t need to invest a huge amount of money on buying servers.

  1. Beefed Up Security

The security breach is common nowadays. But with a reliable and secure CDN service provider, such as MaxCDN, you are ensured of stringent security measures. You can create security tokens for authorized access.

Apart from this, there are various other security aspects offered by reputable CDN service providers. Along with lightning fast speed, you get a secured environment for your website as well.


Don’t compromise with website loading speeds anymore. Opt for a suitable and reliable CDN services to reduce the loading speed of your WordPress blogs. With CDN by your side, you have numerous benefits such as cost savings, boosted SEO, and much more as mentioned above.