Best Ways to Launch Mobile App Successfully

by Anil Parmar

Is your app been built successfully?

If yes, it’s time to hit it to the app stores.

But, hold your breath for a second.

Before planning to launch your app, think of the ways that can turn your app fruitful. If you are ready to submit your app to the app stores, condense the most important elements precisely.

For your knowledge, I have contributed this blog that explains the best ways to launch Mobile App successfully. In this blog, I have collected some of the scenarios to feature a great launch.

So, stay tuned to learn in detail!

Best ways to launch mobile apps

Analyze the target audience

Know your audience!

Yes, this point is the most important step among all. You need to have suitable answers to three basic questions.

  • Who is the consumer or target audience?
  • What value does your app deliver?
  • What competition it has in the market?

All these questions build a clear idea about the consumers of your app and make a difference in the app marketing.

Expand Web Presence through Social Media

Social media is a key to run a complete process to be recognized globally on the web. Therefore, the first step is to identify the social network with your target audience.

Next, when you are confirmed with a network, register your accounts and start sharing the content regarding the app to build considerable following members. All this will build the app usage and visibility to a next level.

Create Promo Video to show a glimpse of your App

App promo video gives an entirely different scenario to app marketing agenda. You can demonstrate your app to the customers with the help of a video that recites the summary of your app.

Now you have a video of the app ready, and can embed it into your social posts, landing pages, and even your app store product page to boost conversion rates.

Please note: The ideal video for any app demo is between 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

Study App Submission Guidelines

For a smooth mobile app launch, go through the guidelines before submission to the app store. To learn the entire learning process for publishing your app you can refer the following sources to get the complete guide:

Submitting your app to Apple Store
Submitting your app to Google Play Store
Submitting your app to Amazon App Store

These guidelines show a complete path from the very first step of launching the app published in the stores.

Plan a Beta Release

A beta version of the app is meant only for a certain group of members or testers. It is termed as the nearest final version of your app to get the benefit of a real-world market validation experience.

Both of the giants Google and Apple highly support the beta version release and provide the step-by-step guide for the entire process:

Setup for Apple Apps Beta Testing
Setup for Google Apps Beta Testing

Identify Success Metrics for Better App

Now after the successful launch its time to count on the parameters that add up to the success of your app. A developer must focus on the five-star ratings and reviews by the customers. Moreover, one must consider the number of downloads and average revenue gathered per user.

Measure which metrics matters the most for a successful app value.

Have an ASO Plan

ASO is termed as the App Store Optimization. The major part of app marketing is dependent on how is the app is being promoted in the app store markets. A well defined ASO plan includes dynamic screenshots, catchy icons, featured keywords, and a simple title.

Try out only those keywords average rank rather than those which are highly searched but very competitive.

Figure out the terms used by audience

It is necessary to focus on the keywords relevant to the features of your app. The reason is most of the apps are downloaded on the basis of the search results. To ensure that your app ranks good downloads, it must understand the language used by the audience.

Figure out the terms that lead to your app idea and reflects the app description.

Have Space among the Top Influencers

Keep an eye on the top communities whose content is being shared the most on daily basis. Such communities can be bloggers, news portals or journalists who cover the apps like yours. Once you have come up with such communities, create a list of influencers who might be interested to write about your app.

If possible you can add a person from the Google play editorial team so that when the time comes, your app can have space in the app store section such as ‘Editor’s Choice’ or ‘Staff Picks’.

Encourage Ratings and Reviews with timely Prompts

Let your customers talk about the app. This will create a considerable interaction among the users and can influence the potential customers to download your app. Hence, ratings and reviews play a prime role in building the communication among users.

Positive app reviews and average to four-star ratings turn to be a proof that your app is trustworthy and highly useful.

Wrapping Up

Every mobile app needs a strategic process for a successful launch. Above given are the most effective ways for any mobile app to be launched successfully in the app stores.

Do let me know if you feel to add anything to this in the comment section below.

You can sit and relax for the rest of your time after you are done with the process.

After all, it’s a moment to cheer up! 🙂