Top 30 WordPress Plugins of 2017 (Gifographic)

by Anil Parmar


As robust as WordPress is, its functionalities can be further extended with plugins. These nifty pieces of software bring on different features to your website, enabling you to realize your goals much faster. The plugins are available in some abundance, with the options ranging from free to premium ones. With their intuitiveness and all-round support from the WordPress community and developers, the use of these plugins comes handy. That there is a plugin for every imaginable feature, it makes choosing the ideal ones somewhat difficult. But if active installs and popularity ratings are to be trusted, here are some that you should be considering.

Top 30 WordPress Plugins of 2017

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Anyone among these plugins is guaranteed to add a little more to your WordPress site, all without you having to write any code. Couple that with the enormous support you enjoy from the community and these plugins become that the gift that never stops giving.