How to Maximize Your Reach Across Search Engines with Right Topics?

by Anil Parmar

Choosing a right blog topic with very fresh content has the ability to generate leads. The second reason is that your readers will quickly recognize how passionate are you to ensure they get the correct information on-the-go.

Obviously, it is wise to write on a topic when it’s on the peak in the readers’ list, rather than when it’s on the decline.

Being a blogger, I always kept wondering about the right topics to gain maximum traffic and this made me write this post. Of course I keep in mind the majority of the global audience and as a result, I don’t need a topic on which everyone is searching but a topic in which a small percentage of people have an active interest.

Yes, today I am here to share my thoughts on choosing a right blog topic before you begin writing.

So, let us discuss.

How Does Search Engine Works?

To a search engine, ranking high means to put right words in the content to record organic traffic.

In simple language, if a person does an online search, the search engine runs a complex algorithm through billions of documents to find mainly two things:

  1. Relevant content to searcher’s query
  2. Serves content in accord with the popularity of website

Understanding in detail, search engine mainly undergoes 3 phase of Crawling, Indexing and The Algorithm to know which specific websites should be ranked high.

  • Web Crawling– Essentially, crawling is copying what is on web pages and repeatedly checking the multitude of pages to see if they are changed and make a copy of any changes found
  • Indexing– The directory stores multiple web pages in Google data centers in an organized manner. It is termed as indexing
  • Algorithm– It is the complex equation to calculate the value of the site in relation to the search term. Search engines tend to keep it closely guarded against people looking to game the search

To sum up, if your content and topic satisfy with the needs, I can definitely say that it would bring the profitable audience to your blog and improve SEO rankings.

What are the key elements of Right Topic?

Right blog topic is the first step before you begin to write on something, isn’t it?

At times, you will be flooded with ideas of topic for a single content.

Pay attention! This is the time you need to strain your brains about which one to choose. The reason is the reader will click on your site only if it matches his query.

In this case, optimize right words that can give justice to the content you are willing to write and most important analyze the keyword’s search volume.

Following all of these steps, cast a right blog topic to maximize relevant traffic.

Tips to Maximize Your Reach across Search Engines

Go Google It!

Before making a decision to write on a particular topic, always Google it!

Yes, I recommend deep research is the best practice. Also to begin writing, you need to understand the potential readers whether they want you to write on it or not. A detailed research will guide you on what others have to say on it.

Finally, you will be clear with an idea to go the topic or choose a better option apart from that.

For example, a page about “NBA Team” might use technology to give information on terms related to National Basketball Team”. But a search engine might skip or not rank that page highly if people are instead searching for “best basketball players”. So, make sure your content is written in the language of the user who is performing the search.

Conduct Keyword Research

In simple words, “Think like your target audience”.

This is because, with well-written posts, the primary keywords often play a key role to bring your readers.

Start by creating a list of words that describe the content of your site and blog posts. After deep analysis of the topic, list finds and note where you have the room for an opportunity. With little revision, you can include these terms in Meta titles and descriptions so that Google can easily trace the information on the page improving SEO benefits. Repeat each word you want to be found for at least five times or seek out a keyword density of 2.45 percent, for best results.


For example, the image above shows how the keyword ‘piano teacher’ plays the key role to the target audience. The title of the blog comprises of the keyword which is covered in the Meta description as well.

Survey Your Targeted Audience

Take the time and effort to determine your audience. Your first step is to find the right niche before you begin to write on a topic. Undergo a research on the topics which are in the top interest among the audience and are more likely to be discussed.

Next, you can also segment the audience keeping various categories followed by a list of keyword phrases. Using tool SEMrush you can competitively research those phrases, and pinpoint key topics for development that appeal to your target audience.

For example, if you plan to start an e-commerce website or a fashion portal it’s important to cover the topics with appropriate keywords used by the relevant audience you are writing for.

Use Appropriate SEO Tools

Utilize the tools to know whether your blog content is doing well or you will understand to further optimize your post for the search engine. This will give a detailed analytics report to see how effective it is for SEO purposes and edit accordingly.

By taking time to write content in such manner, will surely bring the right traffic that covers both real people and search engines.

For example, you can use Ahrefs, SEMrush and SEOprofiler to get high rankings and increase visitors. Using these tools provide SEO solutions from small businesses to large enterprises.

Choose Relevant Content Ideas

To understand content ideas, we need to first think about the topics that are both impactful and relevant. To write a topic, you can prefer any phase of ideation. You can either use the information to create personas that shape your ideas from the very beginning or you can go crazy with the flow of ideas, later narrowing your choices depending on audience information.

To sum up, topics that are targeted to specific persona and content with dig deep information performs well on your website bringing considerable traffic.

For example, a hot favorite topic or a new launch with a unique layout of content creation will create better SEO results and optimize your content.

Pick a Topic with Profitable Niche

Obviously, most of the people write blogs for a living. Before selecting a topic, study the analytics report to understand the audience and choose the best niche. To bring profitable niche, you need better content topics and creative ideas to attract interested readers.

Writing on topics in the area of your interest makes you creative enough to engage a large audience. Furthermore, your enthusiasm will rise through to write on exciting topics with a profitable niche.

For example, a beauty blogger can create a profitable niche with the trending topics to earn a living rather than writing on any other random topic of technology.

Go for the Uncommon

Topics with same names will face a tough competition on the search engine. Moreover, if you are at the initial stage, it might take time to get featured.

To avoid this, take some efforts to find the words that are creative enough to attract an audience. Also, whatever you write there are chances that can be written beforehand by somebody else. So, if you’re determined to write about the topic come up with new ideas and make a difference online.

For example, you can spark up your brain using Quora to start blogging about the topics which are widely discussed and are popular to get backlinks.

Write About the Topic That Will Inform

Always prefer blog topics that are relevant to your target audience and keep them engaged. This is possible only if your topic has multiple things to discuss and is related to latest trends. Moreover, to maintain your SEO rankings you need to continuously feed updates on your blog.

Blogging on such topics makes sense and maximize your reach across various search engines.

For example, if you are blogging on technology trends and tools, it is necessary to make regular updates which keep users come to your blog on daily basis to learn the latest of the techs.

Understand the Competition

No wonder, that there are billions of bloggers worldwide! That creates the need for competitive intelligence.

To keep your content engaging and increase retention rates know your competitors well. To stand unique among the blog, always come creative. Knowing what works for your competitors is the surest way to confirm your own ideas for marketing, and to weed out time-consuming plans destined to fall flat.

For example, when two of the top-ranking sites compete on the same content categories, it is necessary to stand unique among the crowd.

Potential Business Streams with Popular Topics

Blogging is a way to reach an audience and make them understand why it is good to make business with you rather than your competitors?

A consistent blog post on your wall cultivates remarkable online presence to bring potential business streams. For this, research on how to start blogging on the popular topics and increase user engagement.

For example, there are the types of popular topics such as Listicles, How-tos, Beginners Guide, Frequently Asked Questions, and Ultimate Guides that have demonstrated massive success in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Maintain Content Quality

All of these methods fail to maximize your reach, without an informative and quality content. Consider straight facts as a valuable content for your blog. Make it interactive with practical examples, as long as it allows for you to simplify a concept into more layman terms.

The last piece of planning required for quality content is the delivery and the timing. Also, the elements of content that include images, videos are benefits if they genuinely deliver something.

For example, topics written with a complete process of writing with research, formatting and proofread achieve remarkable results rather than a duplicate content with no quality.

Wrapping Up

By now you will be having a good idea of choosing a right topic for a profitable business and what makes a blog with a living.

I hope reading this article was quite helpful to choose your next blog topic. Feel free to share your views about the article and tell us below in case of any suggestion or questions.

Thank you for reading so far.

Have a great day ahead!