Learn How to Make More Money with Fashionable– eCommerce PSD Template

by Anil Parmar

Templates for WordPress are readily made structures that define how your website will look. These are made by professionals, in an attempt to serve a certain kind of brand or business. Thus, each feature in itself was carefully selected to suit a purpose.

Your online store needs one-of-a-kind template

Online shops require a specific kind of template – one to showcase products, allow customers to browse them with ease, draw the eye to special promotional offers and ensure easy shopping, payment and so on. The fashionable– eCommerce PSD Template does all that, as it was created specifically with web stores in mind. Moreover, the template is most suitable for fashion and accessory brands.

Fashionable has the following features:

  • Contains 14 PSD files
  • Has 3 distinct Home Page styles
  • Free icons and Google Web Front
  • Is fully layered
  • Has a clean, original design
  • Allow product listing in two modes: grid and list
  • Easy customization all throughout

Availability of the template

The template, created by GLORYWEBS, is available at Themeforest.net, the prime resource for professionally made WordPress themes. It is a fresh addition to the fashion shopping collection, which means that not many stores have had the chance to use it yet. In any case, the level of customization ensures that you can personalize this theme however you see fit, in accordance with your business brand/visual identity.

Features of Fashionable

The fashionable– eCommerce PSD Template is beautifully unique. Its modern feel and clean design guarantee smooth navigation and a highly pleasing customer experience. It can help you have an online shop that looks neat and professional. You may alter the color scheme however you desire. The design is minimal, so that it doesn’t distract from one’s shopping mission, but lets the displayed items be the center of attention.

A few tips

Here are a few more tips for making the Fashionable theme work in your favor and help you sell more. Have your theme perfectly integrated with the eCommerce solution of your choice, so you can manage your online store like a pro. In addition, make clever use of its huge header section; showcase your latest or best offers here, to draw everyone’s attention and convince them to buy. Tailor the menu so that visitors will quickly find the categories they are interested in and reaching the relevant items.

If you’re about to set up a web store that’s centered on fashion, this WordPress theme is perfect for you. Enjoy the luxury of a stylish theme tailored by seasoned web designers who understand every WordPress feature and advantage. This will help you save time and money and also get ahead of the competition. As your customers will have an enjoyable experience through and through, they will return to buy from you again.