Jetpack 5.6.1 Increases Security of Contact Form Module

by Anil Parmar

Attention folks! I am here to share with you the most exciting update of the year 2017. I am pretty sure that this feature will turn very useful for all of the website owners using Jetpack security.

Yes, the good news is here,

Jetpack 5.6.1 has been released with its new and enhanced security updates. For all the users who you make frequent use of the Contact Form on several web pages, this is the most recommended for website security.

But first, let us have a look at its serious security updates, bug fixes, and important features. Here, are the three main features offered by Jetpack release:

  1. The character count limit has been extended to 280 when posting on Twitter for publicizing feature.
  2. While removing Widgets Visibility Rule, a bug was fixed that disabled “saving” widgets.
  3. More of the permission checking has been enabled while updating Contact Form’s setting. It adds an extra layer of security for frequent of Contact Form.

To sum up, Jetpack 5.6.1 hardens the Contact Form Module by improving permission checking when updating a form’s setting. Using Jetpack, one can keep any site secure, increase traffic and engage your readers. Additionally, it also takes care of the data loss, downtime and hacking.

You can also refer Jetpack security to learn more about the features offered by Jetpack in detail.

We would not be able to enjoy such remarkable features without the notable contribution of Marin Atanasov, Matthew Denton, Rinat K, and George Stephanis.

So, if you haven’t downloaded the latest update yet, I recommend it to update it as soon as possible.

See you later with more of the updates right here.

Till then, have a good day ahead!