iOS VS Android Apps: Which is More Better?


The rivalry of iOS v/s Android will continue, however, each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Like any other business owner, you might be confused about the two biggest mobile operating systems with the common questions in your mind as to which one offers the best design and development guidelines? Which one has the best testing tool? Which one has the fastest publishing process? And what can be cost-effective and less time-consuming in creating an application?

According to Statista, the Google Android showed a market share of 53.3 percent, while Apple’s iOS had a market share of 44.9 percent as of June 2017.

However, the difference of 8.4 percent should not bring you to a conclusion, and to make it easy we have decided to come up with this infographic that can help you make a better decision considering the needs for your business.

Let’s take a look:

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Wrapping up

There are many other aspects to consider while choosing a platform for your app development- however, we have covered the most important ones and suggest you to make a decision carefully.

Especially when there is a huge chance of users shifting from iOS to Android or vice versa!

If you already have an established application- you can choose to upgrade your application features and functionality instead of switching over to a new platform.

Whatever is the case, a mobile application is surely making it easy for business owners across the globe to connect, engage and retain customer with time.

Make your choice now

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