A Geek Guide to Promote Your Mobile App

As of September 2017, there are more than 5 million apps available on Google play store and apple iOS store. These numbers are pretty stunning and just increasing day-by-day. So in case if you’re hoping that users will magically download your app, think twice.

Competition is extreme. That is the reason why we highly recommend having a guide for promoting your mobile app. So, let’s find out some of the unique yet practical ways for app promotion:

  1. Involve end customer

Before you start your development work, contact your clients and converse with them. This can be done via questionnaire or social media engagement. After all, you need to ensure that whatever you are building will be perfect for end-users.

Clients are the backbone of your business, so keep them engaged in almost all app development process. This will ultimately harness you a good response in future.

  1. Build a teaser website or microsite

Why you need a website for your mobile app? The answer is Authenticity. People want to know your app and business for which you are creating an app. Do this a month or two preceding your launch to gather email address of individuals. Take clues from the SnapChat website.

This email address will help to share your news, update, venue details during the launch time. Make sure you keep on updating the microsite so that user don’t get bored of the same content.

  1. Start a blog and share on social media

Connect an engaging blog with your website. Create content that will attract individuals to your site. Share these on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and twitter to promote the app a few times in a week. Consider an example of Buffer App.

The blogs related to the domain of you app will keep users enthusiastic.

  1. Call a Press and impress influencers

Marketing your app can likewise stretch beyond your standard field of influence, and as a rule, these remote connections are precisely what your app needs. This can accomplish by press release, inviting local media, interview with a newspaper editor and much more.

Creating authentic, honest, and mutually beneficial associations with influencers will go far in helping to promote your app. The simple yet very effective way of promoting an app.

  1. Jazzy App logo

There’s a great noise in any category you pick in app world. Because of that, many individuals take an interest in the app, just when the app logo tempts them. Create your signature logo and make the substantial impact.

  1. Market unique features

It is very normal to have similar features in the app. But there are few unique features which can be a distinguishing factor between good and best app. So, identify those unique features of your app and share or tweet them on the social platform.

The unique features will help you to garner high downloads and hence better market acquisition.

  1. Create a short promotional video

Having an engaging promo video is very effective. It’s a speedy and simple route for users to comprehend the most well-known use case behind the app and how users can use it as well. Integrate it with other social media platform for quick promotion.

Here is the great sample: Dollar Shave Club. Try to focus more on vertical videos since this is what trending in video world nowadays.

  1. App Store Optimization (ASO)

ASO is, at its heart, SEO for the Google Play and App Store. Same as search engine optimization, app store optimization focuses on keyword significance, word density and the key phrase relevance in your description.

With most of the users find apps using the search option, your app description is one of the most critical things you can focus on in your app marketing strategy. Take Vine for instance.

  1. Give Back To The Users

Organizing contest is the most suggested marketing and promotion channel. Give offers, discounts, and gifts to attract more audience. It can give you massive, exposure and a lot of downloads. The aim is to engage users in your creation.

Although the chances of success rely on your app, however, if you manage to get things right, you can easily reach to your target at minimum expense. The Mobileys is the perfect example.

  1. Widen your market

Do not depend only on Google Play and App Store; there are other app stores available online where you can launch your app. If an app can be found on other less well-known stores, it will increase the expected downloads 200% more compared to Google Play.

Amazon app store and mobile opera store are the widely popular app store. Try to increase your market presence.

  1. In-store marketing

If you are in a retail business with a physical store, it’s important to promote your app all through your store. Consider running promotional weekends to inspire clients to download it.

Future pay app is the biggest example where they provided cash discounts and free cashback when someone pays via app wallet.

  1. Endorse celebrity

Do you have connections with any celebrity within your industry that you can connect with? Are there any local or industry-particular influencers you can associate with?

Having them promote your app by using their social channels and blog is a surefire approach to attract users towards your app. People follows celebrity’s path.

  1. Choose a date and time

Once your app is ready, select a date very tactically to launch your app. It is crucial that you pick the correct timing. Doing it on an end of the week, presumably late towards the afternoon or in the evening, is highly suggested.

This is the most likely time when app users are the most active. Angry birds app was launch during peak summer vacation.

  1. Word of mouth

Last but not the least; ensure your app is highly useful. The worth of mouth publicity is still precious. So if you build an app, make sure you don’t disappoint target users.

That is the reason why you should invest in a mobile promoting platform that gives you the experiences to retain and engage your clients or you’ll risk a high rate of customers.

Anything is possible in the developing world of app promotion. Treat it like any traditional product launch and spend a quality time to ensure best advertising strategy. Keep in mind that the quality of app users you attract to your app is more vital than the quantity. Ensure that you comprehend your intended interest group, and craft your promotions accordingly.

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