25+ Best Frameworks Every Native Mobile App Developers Must Know

by Anil Parmar

There are different platforms that we can choose in order to develop and create apps without paying an additional fee. We decided to present you mobile app development tools and platforms that you need in order to finish the work more efficiently. We are going to list the app makers alphabetically, that is the main reason why you should keep up until the last one.

  1. Appery.io

ApperyPic Courtesy: i.ytimg.comThis particular platform is based on cloud and contains different integrated backend services and visual development tools. This is a great enterprise that is used by Samsung, ESPN, and AT&T. It contains great designing possibilities and visual app builder tool.

  1. Appcelerator

AppceleratorPic Courtesy: d2.alternativeto.netThis is one of the best frameworks that you can choose because it offers pre-integrated cloud services and amazing database of extension that you can choose for your own app. It is perfect for organization tools and if you want to create a multi-OS application that is based on web skills.

  1. AppInstitute

AppInstitutePic Courtesy: ga1.imgix.netThis particular framework is developed and founded in 2011, in Nottingham and it is the best way for building platforms such s Android and iOS because it requires no coding. There is a different range of templates that you can use drag and drop editor that will help you finish your task more efficiently. It contains also CRM app that has the possibility to monitor push notifications, app sales, and analytics.

  1. AppMachine

AppMachinePic Courtesy: appmachine.nlThis particular tool is here to make your app creating a piece of cake. It contains simplest works that are perfectly described and everything works on the principle of scanning the website and pulling the content for a better understanding of the app that you need. This is the perfect way to start building block because it is an inexpensive and great way to get the minimum viable app out in the open.

  1. AppMakr

AppMakrPic Courtesy: cmscritic.comThis is great for those that enjoy the possibility to create something from scratch. This great framework will easily help you take your service or content, in order to create native Android and iPhone apps. It is also compatible with HTML5 Mobile Website. You can finish everything without any codes, which is great for getting the possibility to enjoy in their service.

  1. AppYourself

AppYourselfPic Courtesy: createownapps.comAppYourself is a great app that will give you the possibility to create your own native apps without an additional problem. Of course, it is not free and you have to pay ten dollars in order to use it, but its amazing features will boost your sales and provide you perfect help for whatever you need.

  1. Appy Pie

Appy PiePic Courtesy: edtechreview.inThis is another great app building application that contains free and paid versions that you need in order to enjoy in construction. In case that you want to choose the ad-free version with much more features, you have to pay $40 on monthly basis, but you will be able to edit, publish and create apps for almost every platform that you can think of.

  1. Bizness Apps

Bizness AppsPic Courtesy: econz.mobiThis particular app is specifically made to help small businesses. It is a great way to get a simple way of existing content from social media and websites. You can easily see changes in real-time, without any programming experience. It is useful to know that you can use it for SMB.

  1. Como

ComoPic Courtesy: mobilemarketingmagazine.comComo users can easily choose best frameworks available in order to get the navigation and template style and to choose different artwork. It is perfect app creation center that you can choose that contains the possibility to integrate music, event and restaurant apps with amazing features that you need.

  1. Dojo Mobile

Dojo MobilePic Courtesy: google.rsDojo Mobile is the perfect database that contains numerous of widgets that you can use for your web-based app. Dojo is based on open source framework which is supported by Dojo Foundation, and it is available for both payable and free download. It is perfect for organizations because it allows them to take an experience in the toolkit.

  1. GameSalad

GameSaladPic Courtesy: d2.alternativeto.netGameSalad is the best app developing tool that contains different possibilities that you can choose. It is specifically made for games, which means that you will be able to make them for less than an hour.

  1. Good Barber

Good BarberPic Courtesy: zone1.aqusagtechnologi.netdna-cdn.comGood Barber is a perfect app that will give you the possibility to create beautiful apps because you have to follow simple step process. Unlike other apps, the design is the most important part that you have to choose while adding content is secondary.

  1. jQuery Mobile

jQuery MobilePic Courtesy: theresaneil.files.wordpress.comThis particular app is part of open source project, which means that it is perfect app developer tool for organizations that need open source framework in order to leverage their skills. You can easily use JavaScript, HTML, and CSS in order to create interactive pages for different types of smartphones.

  1. Kalipso Studio

Kalipso StudioPic Courtesy: i.ytimg.comKalipso Studio is a perfect mobile development app for both Microsoft and Android OS because it focuses not on the code but on the process. The main feature is a possibility to drag and drop, built-in GPS, free runtime, database synchronization, technical support, and multi-language.

  1. Kony

KonyPic Courtesy: cdn.kony.comKony debut in 2007 and their main focus is a consumer-facing application. There are also B2E capabilities. It is a perfect fit for projects that need native features that you have to use on mobile devices. The environment can be used on all products such as smartphones, tablets, mobile browsers, feature phones and much more.

  1. LiveBlox

LiveBloxPic Courtesy: i.ytimg.comLiveBlox was released in 2016 and it contains numerous features that you need in order to get the best frameworks for building apps. It contains also develop cool technology without coding possibilities, which means that you can link together different aspects in order to create the app.

  1. Mobile Roadie

Mobile RoadiePic Courtesy: apptooltester.comMobile Roadie is one of the best apps that will provide you perfect developing experience. They have worked with Disney, Universal, and TED.org and provided them with applications. What sets them apart is a possibility to get numerous design templates that you need in order to create the perfect native application.

  1. Outsystems

OutsystemsPic Courtesy: ga0.imgix.netThis is low-code app platform that is designed in order to deploy, create and manage customized apps. Most applications that are produced have the security integrated, which means that it is perfect for apps with sensitive information.

  1. Pega AMP

Pega AMPPic Courtesy: pega.comAntenna Mobility Platform is the best fit for organizations that want to build multiple applications for different mobile devices in order to deploy them as a cloud service. This particular app is composed of developing a studio that contains runtime service and you can create everything that you need for a wide array of smartphones.

  1. Viziapps

ViziappsPic Courtesy: createownapps.comViziapps is perfect because you can use it easily in order to create business apps. You can also test, design and publish apps because it contains the possibility to drag and drop, which is ideal for those who don’t understand coding.

  1. SAP

SAPPic Courtesy: image.slidesharecdn.comThis is a great possibility to get some templates and framework solution. There is an excellent choice for different mobile initiatives because it contains open standards mobile development platform.

  1. Sencha

SenchaPic Courtesy: cdn.sencha.comSencha contains the possibility to create a web-centric mobile application and it is perfectly made and a great fit for organizations that need lots of web applications through JavaScript expertise, and native development. It is based on HTML5, and you can enjoy its simple database.

  1. TheAppBuilder

TheAppBuilderPic Courtesy: singsys.comWe have all heard about the AppBuilder, which is a perfect development tool for all enterprises. There are numerous client lists such as Heathrow Airport. You can enjoy their software, and create numerous frameworks for your native apps.

  1. Verivo Software

Verivo SoftwarePic Courtesy: i.vimeocdn.comThis particular software specializes in native client side applications that are lightweight, which means that it is the first choice for those enterprises that need a wide array support for all platforms and device types but with limited resources. You can easily create native user experience platform with functional elements.

  1. Xamarin from Microsoft

Xamarin from MicrosoftPic Courtesy: xamstatic.com
Xamarin was acquired by Microsoft in 2016. They create different apps through C# in order to produce apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. It also contains interactive dashboard that will offer you real-time data and other useful metrics.


We have presented you 25+ best Frameworks Every Native Mobile App Developers Must Know, in case that you have your own thoughts, you can easily comment in the section below.