25 Ways To Dramatically Boost User Engagement On Your Blog

by Anil Parmar

Content is the King in the blogging scenario, isn’t it? You must be proud of yourself for penning down awesome content for your readers.

But do you know that 43% visitors just skim the content? If the content doesn’t click, they simply move on without showing any mercy.

You must be using some of the techniques but without any signs of success. So how can you engage your users for higher conversions?

Here, we list 25 ways to boost user engagement on your blogs. Deploy these techniques to showcase your content in an effective manner.

  1. Write short, engaging paragraphs

Long paragraphs repel readers while short and concise paragraphs attract readers instantly. Include 1-3 sentences in a paragraph, and then switch to another one. Neil Patel demonstrates this technique in the best possible manner.

  1. Pay attention to Internal Links

Your blog must have some amazing blog posts. But unfortunately, the visitors don’t know about them at all. Let your blog posts come into the limelight.

You can achieve this by linking blog posts with each other – a proved technique for enhanced user engagement.

  1. Speed up Website Loading

The visitor expects your blog to load within 3 seconds. If it doesn’t, you just lost the match to some other contender from your niche.

Enrich user experience by optimizing site speed. Use dedicated servers and optimized content for faster website loading.

  1. Keep the Web Page Clean

Displaying infinite categories, social media widgets, tags, most shared posts, etc do nothing except ruining the user experience.

A visitor expects ONLY quality content without any distractions. You should focus on enhancing user engagement by weeding out unnecessary links and visual scripts. Backlinko knows the strength of a clean interface.

  1. Set Up Subscription Service

Email marketing is the most productive method of client retention and generating sales. Subscription services like pop ups, list builders, etc are effective in garnering precious leads.

SumoMe and OptinMonster provide innovative tools for increasing your subscribers count.

  1. Show Related Content

You can always serve a mixed platter of blog posts to your visitors. This is significant in promoting user engagement in your blog. To display related posts along with the main post, you can install the Shareaholic plugin on your WordPress blog.

  1. Well-Structured Content

This aspect includes the cohesive flow of writing while drafting content and clustering the content into sub headings. This is important to curate meaningful content.

Moreover, make sure you include bullet points wherever necessary.

  1. Attractive Layout

Nobody likes to view the content in a boring layout with dull fonts. Consider revamping your blog with appealing colors, modest graphics, and suitable fonts. You must have heard – the first impression is the last impression!

  1. Clearly Defined Navigational Menu

When a visitor lands on your blog, he or she must not feel like getting lost in the unknown surroundings. Enable breadcrumbs for effective navigation across the website. The categories and the pages should be displayed in a menu with a dropdown list.

  1. Write informative content

People surf the internet with a sole motive of reading informative and insightful content. If you can deliver this, you are successful in boosting user engagement. Otherwise, you should aim at drafting informative content that helps the visitor in gaining some knowledge.

  1. Include Infographics

Do you know infographics are shared on social media platforms 3X times more than any type of visual content? It’s time to curate some intriguing graphics for your blog! May be Easel.ly can help you out.

  1. Adopt Video Content

Whether it’s a product video or an instructional video, your visitors are bound to engage better with video content. The visitors can develop a better connection while watching videos. Hence, you should include videos often in your content.

  1. Write Case Studies

Case studies are all about facts, figures, and truth! This is what a user expects in a detailed case study. Stun your audience with impressive case studies. Whether it was a success or a failure, it doesn’t matter. What matters is your analysis!

  1. Make Commenting Easy

Don’t let your visitors feel that your comment section is managed by ruthless bots. Engage with your audience and appreciate their efforts of reading your content. Moreover, incorporate famous commenting mediums like Facebook comment plugins and Disqus.

  1. Ask for Opinions and Views

You did a splendid job by crafting valuable content for your users. But, you care about their opinions, right? If yes, then ask them to pen down their precious views. This will boost user engagement, and you will get innovative ideas as well!

  1. Include call-to-actions

Call-to-action tricks are successful in captivating your audience for a longer duration. You can accomplish better user engagement by integrating surveys, tweet handles, sharing buttons, and other call-to-action techniques.

  1. Go Social

As of 2017, there are around 2.79 billion active social media users in the world. If your content becomes viral, you will hit a jackpot! Utilize the potential of social media by sharing your content regularly on famous social media platforms. You can use tools like Hootsuite to enhance social media engagement.

  1. Include Statistics

People deal with numbers in a better way than words. Make your content exclusive by inserting valid stats and figures in your blog. If you can create a graphical representation, you can increase chances of user engagement multiple times.

  1. Captivating Titles

An onlooker can decide whether he should read the content or not – and this judgment is based solely on the title of the blog post. Stump your audience with an engaging and intriguing title so that the reader cannot resist the temptation.

  1. Mention Influencers in the Content

People listen when the leaders speak. Similarly, readers believe in your content if you cite an extract of an influencer in your blog post. Your blog post will appear as a genuine piece of work. And we don’t doubt about it at all!

  1. Update Content Regularly

With the passage of time, the content may become outdated. And, of course, this is detrimental for user engagement on your blog. Revise existing content, update it, and publish it to deliver fresh content to your readers.

  1. Offer Free Resources

You remember this drill, right? There have been numerous times when “free” things grabbed your attention. Apply similar technique on your blog by offering free resources like PDF files, e-books, and so on.

  1. Participate on Niche Platforms

Avail innovative keywords while participating in discussions happening on forums. This helps in drafting content around these keywords that will meet the expectations of the user. Spend some time on forums like MOZ Q&A forum.

  1. Appeal Visually

Blog posts with images garner 94% more views than the posts without any visuals. It is not just confined to the images, you can include GIFs, PowerPoint presentations, memes, and so on. Ensure that the visuals are relevant to the content.

  1. Share Other Blogger’s Content

Give the best content to your readers by sharing informative content links of other bloggers. This will help in engaging your users with amazing content all the time.

Moreover, you will develop business contacts in your niche as well.

It’s Your Turn Now!

You have just learned about the 25 ways to boost user engagement on your blog. You must be considering about implementing all of them right now. But, we would like to know about the technique that you think is the best for you.

If you know about any other technique, do let us know about it. We would love to hear from you!