Magento Web Development Company

Magento Web Development Company

Get your online sales numbers soaring with certified Magento solutions – entirely customizable!

Magento Ecommerce Development Company

You can be now ahead of your competitors if you get a Magento designed website. Our creative team will handle this in the most professional manner. By following the best practices in the industry, we invest your site with converting power.

Our Magento-skilled experts can boost your Internet success through creating a website that generates a greater revenue. Magento website development is the service you need when you are ready to take online sales seriously.

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We Provide Solutions with Professional Results to Suit Your Budget

Increase your business growth through professional e-commerce solutions. As a Magento web development company, we are proud to provide our clients with websites fully based on the Magento technology or to create functional extensions.

What we do:

  • Create and optimize your Magento website
  • Generate a new and attractive design
  • Optimize marketing campaigns through Magento
  • Provide ongoing Magento support
  • Build extensions for increased productivity
  • Create an accounts management system
  • Generate an order processing solution

Why Is Magento Development the Best Choice for Your Business?

Magento is the fastest growing e-commerce platform nowadays. You can now hire our specialized team to harness the power of this exquisite e-commerce innovation. It will help you have a top notch web store for your business, a store which will earn the trust of your customers.

Are you hoping for big sales? Then this is the ultimate professional solution. Magento solutions are:

  • scalable
  • flexible
  • able to integrate many features
  • functional in all circumstances
  • serve multiple purposes

You can have this applied to a basic web store, as well as to a big online shopping portal. Tweak its features and functionality as you please.

Magento Development

Magento will include all that you need for a perfectly functional online store:

  • Easy merchandise management
  • Shopping carts
  • Store administration tools
  • Discount systems
  • Store rules
  • Payment options
  • Central management for multiple stores
  • SEO applications

Magento E-commerce Development - Glorywebs

Glorywebs is the complete Magento Ecommerce Development Company. This is because we make it work together with other solutions – like your content management system of choice, be it WordPress, Drupal etc. Furthermore, we will integrate original designs and themes and also customize the shopping and payment options as desired. We develop complex e-commerce frameworks and build durable solutions. On top of that, we ensure ongoing support to help you maintain your website.

Why Should You Hire Magento Web Development Services from Glorywebs?

  • Choose us for all the reasons above and more. Contact us if you want dedicated, experienced professionals who know all the secrets of Magento.
  • Glorywebs provides custom Magento development – this means you can build your web store (or stores) just as needed, only with relevant features and enjoy a result that is efficient and unique.
  • You will have an admin panel to control every function.
  • Need several payment options, many currencies and ordering gateways? Let us implement and customize the Magento solution to support all that.
  • We will also cater to the SEO aspect, optimizing your store for superior traffic numbers and the best results with search engines.
  • We easily mix Magento with third-party platforms or software that you web store may utilize.
  • Glorywebs experts can always develop new custom modules.

The results? You will benefit of a professionally built store and admin panel for perfect control over the operations. Your productivity as a store manager will increase considerably and, in turn, will positively influence the revenue. Whenever modifications will be needed, you can run to us and we will integrate the new content seamlessly. Let us provide you with the unique solution to order processing, merchandise management, sales and payments control and more.

Magento Store Setup

Glorywebs is a Magento partner that adopted this solution early on. The experts here are more than familiar with the software, as they've known it for years. They knew it was going to grow in popularity. You can have your own custom Magento store now. Our developers cater to the front and the back end aspects and will integrate the solution to your website, then tailor it accordingly. The finished product will handle all billing and any reward programs you may want to set up, besides the basic functions. Thus, a solid business practice will be created.

The Magento Challenges

Because the cutting-edge Magento software is complex, it takes skilled professionals to handle its implementation and customization. It takes people who are familiar with all Magento editions in detail. That is something we can handle and thus we deliver you an optimized, safe and stable website.

Apart from the basic job, we will work on the Magento core for improved speed, optimize the caching and boost overall performance. The software also supports extensions

It is a challenging medium and this is why you won't be hearing any novice users talking about successful Magento implementation. It is not one of those standard, wide-spread platforms with loads of free documentation available everywhere.

Personalized Shopping

The Magento solution can be made to suit your business model. You can even use it to have buyers refer friends and obtain points for those, as well as for them selves. It allows you to be creative with your brand and with how it operates. Registration on the platform are made easy. This is only one example of personalized shopping, but clients can pick or even invent their own. Want to come up with a completely new function? It's likely we can make it real.

Magento can be themed too, integrated to other systems and fully customized to provide a unique feel and experience for the clients of a specific business. The Magento development services at Glorywebs won't go wrong with this. The websites we've built on Magento are running smoothly and showing the various customers that it's easy to shop online. Once you see this product in action, it becomes clear why it is one of our favorite platforms for e-commerce.


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